Darren Tanny Tan is a Singapore-born Melbourne-based visual artist. He practises within an expanded field of photography that centres on his interest in corporeality as the image for mental phenomena. Tan’s works predominately reflect, through the presence of the body and the evocation of the natural world, imperceptible forces that affect human existence. Of further significance are the processes and materials employed. He incorporates mark-making techniques and occasionally fuses supplemental materials to create works that eschew photographic conventions in favour of material sensibilities. His works are often contrived through unorthodox image making processes where destructive impulses are sublimated; surfaces are attrited and deconstructed, at times to a point of dissolution. Through this antithetical process of creation by means of destruction, his works sustain a meditation on mortality and impermanence.

b. 1991, Singapore
Residing in Melbourne, Australia

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